Sunday, April 27, 2014

To-Do Lists & Tinkering

As time goes on, our to-do list keeps on growing, but so does our excitement! Today, Tressa and her pops spent some time poking around in the van to make a more comprehensive list of what needs to get done to make our vehicle a cozy and safe home. We're planning on resurfacing the counter top and bed, changing the bracing on the bed to make storing things underneath it more accessible, building some new shelves, looking for a new front door panel, getting a tool box set up, making a new curtain... We'll have to get a mattress, camp stove, propane, a sturdy cooler, water tank, storage containers, solar chargers... The list goes on!

These iPhone photos are definitely not Kelsey-approved but give you an idea of the interior.

Most of the preparations will get started in earnest in late May when Kelsey comes back to Sonoma County from school, but we have also been spending some time thinking about the questions we're exploring on our journey, doing a little pre-writing and thinking about what how to approach documenting what we discuss with people along the way.

We're thinking it'd be fun to test the waters at home before we head out, so let us know if you'd be open to showing us what home means to you and being our guinea pig in late May or early June!

Finally, thanks SO MUCH to everyone who has contributed to our travel fund! Huge thank yous to Ted Judah, Ralitza Benzzo, Dan Boyle, Jaw Blake, Gary Lek and Robyn Hunter! Please continue to help support us by sharing our project or donating to our Trevolta trip — we'll be sending our backers some fun incentives and you're always welcome to get creative and think up your own.


Tressa & Kelsey

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A running start!

Wow, we've only just begun and we're already overwhelmed with how amazing our friends and family are! Huge shout outs to our very first sponsors: Galen Forrest, Quinn Ung, and Cheryl & Jo Fessenden of Barber Insurance (aka Tressa's family/employers!)

In other news, our video is finished, here it is:

Thanks again to everyone that has contributed and to everyone that has shared our fundraiser or blog; if you haven't yet, you can check out the fundraiser here, and please continue to urge your networks to support us!

Lots of love,

Kelsey & Tressa

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Taking the plunge.

Not too long ago, we decided to fast track our trip and moved our estimated departure date from August to June, and since then, the hunt for an inhabitable vehicle has become a lot more real. For two girls with no mechanical knowledge to speak of, buying a van you're planning on living in and putting thousands of miles on over the course of six months is a daunting task. We were equipped with fathers and boyfriends to assist in the hunt, but ultimately, the decision was ours.

When Tressa stumbled up on a cute '91 Chevy van already equipped with a bed platform and a few other modifications that would make living easier, we decided she was the one.

Introducing, our beautiful beasty:

We're super excited to have launched our Trevolta crowd funding campaign, so be sure to check that out, throw us a few bucks and help to spread the word. We have video in the works that will go along with the campaign, so stay tuned for us being awkward on camera!

Until next time,

Tressa & Kelsey