Saturday, April 5, 2014

Taking the plunge.

Not too long ago, we decided to fast track our trip and moved our estimated departure date from August to June, and since then, the hunt for an inhabitable vehicle has become a lot more real. For two girls with no mechanical knowledge to speak of, buying a van you're planning on living in and putting thousands of miles on over the course of six months is a daunting task. We were equipped with fathers and boyfriends to assist in the hunt, but ultimately, the decision was ours.

When Tressa stumbled up on a cute '91 Chevy van already equipped with a bed platform and a few other modifications that would make living easier, we decided she was the one.

Introducing, our beautiful beasty:

We're super excited to have launched our Trevolta crowd funding campaign, so be sure to check that out, throw us a few bucks and help to spread the word. We have video in the works that will go along with the campaign, so stay tuned for us being awkward on camera!

Until next time,

Tressa & Kelsey

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